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We are open from 8am until 6pm Monday to Friday. You can call us on the landline in shop hours and the mobile at other times


Cleaning is done by 2 cleaners at all times. This is to ensure safety / security and enables them to split the task covering more area. We clean homes, small commercial units and offices. We can tailor your cleaning need to suit your house or business, cleaning what you want, when it needs cleaned. You can be present when the cleaning is being done, but you do not have to be.

We have a procedure in place where the customer does not have to be present and you can just come home and put your feet up to a nice clean house.

Domestic/ Commercial Service
Weekly/ Monthly One-offs
All Material/ Equipment Supplied
References Available
One Cleaner - call for price

Phone Kerry Tel 07443332512

  1. Any Size of House
  2. Every Household
  3. We Supply Cleaning Materials